domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Safeway Tours Niagara Casino Coach SUCKS!

The story starts with me and 3 friends from France wanting to go to the Niagara Falls and try our luck in the Casino, So decided to try Safeway Tours, called their reservation number 416-593-0593 and  tried to reserve 4 seats for Sunday 10 AM, I was told that was all booked and the first immediate option was 3:30 PM,  I  let the operation to go ahead and book that time for  me and my friends, I also asked when should we be there, I was told 3:15 and as we were new members and had reserved seat, we should bring our passports.
Everything seemed OK, I also was asked to provide my cellphone # in case of changes.
Everything was great!
When I arrived to  the Toronto China Town pick-up place, I  tried to speak with the lady holding what I thought was the passengers list,  right away the lady told me that the bus was full, I tried to explain to her that we had a reservation, and the lady in very rude way told me again, that the bus was full, I tried to explain for last time but she started to speak Chinese  so I was left to my own devices.
After that and before the bus departed I called the same reservation number 416-593-0593 and tried to explain the situation to the agent on call, before I finished I was interrupted by "Sally" and was told that the bus was full and only existent members can take the bus, I tried to explain that I wanted to become a members, and I was told that I had to pay $30 instead on $6  and get my membership in the casino, I was interrupted again by Sally who told me, Sorry the bus is full and hanged up on me.
I didn't know what to say to my French friends who were leaving  back to France the next day.
I was very surprise that in Canada this kind of companies can survive and even   been authorized by Fallsview Casino to operate.

Anyways, if you want to go the the Casino and the Falls, and you really want to go for real, rent a car or take a Coach Canada bus, Safeways Tours is a joke , very unprofessional staff and non existent customer care

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